Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Is a subset of outsourcing that involves contracting the operations and responsibilities for a particular business process to a third-party service provider. As a Business Process Outsourcing partner, Tasks provides customer experiences and back-office operations for our client

Chat Support Service:

Chat support outsourcing services are the most effective and cost-cutting element in business. NXTGEN Tech is one of the most reliable chat support service providers.

Chat support outsourcing gives your business a new dimension, by doing this we will increase your performance by setting up virtual chat support and make your business a competitive edge.


Order Management Services

Order Management is an essential part of the business and supply chain management. As important as it is for a business to procure new customers, it is imperative for the business to efficiently fulfill and process the existing customers’ orders swiftly. Businesses’ sales consist of an essential process which is known as order management services. The online business is well-equipped with plenty of options offering swift as well as efficient order processing service that ensures better sales. With the fast-growing and fast pace of the business world, there has been a significant rise in the number of orders, delivery channels and supply chains globally.

To have efficient order management services you need experts and experienced team, that at times is difficult to manage by in-house team. Outsourcing order management services essentially helps ease the task of managing the database of orders processed, ceased and missed. When a businesses’ approaches an Order management outsourcing service, the aim is to get rid of the pressure involved with managing the non-core task of order management.

Email Support Services

Email support services are essential to handle all the technical issues and other important operational tasks. Email saves are a great amount of time and manpower, by sending across issues and resolutions or follow ups on mails. All the troubleshooting process or clients guideline instructions can be sent over mail with ease. It is imperative that the email support service for any business is strong and prompt, since businesses take important decision on basis of the emails. They are even necessary for internal communication of the business. Hence, businesses look to outsource email support services to an expert company.

Business can save time and money by using email services for marketing and sales and even support and services to clients globally. With effective email support services businesses can reach out important goals and make business more profitable.


We Provide 24×7 Chat support

Our round the clock outsourced chat support services ensure that your customers are replied to by a physical agent whenever they send in a query. Organizations who understand the importance of being there for their customers always opt for 24×7 chat support services and choose outsourcing business methodology to achieve the same.


Order Taking and Tracking Chat Support

Webchat can be very productive for businesses as it allows them to convert a query into a sale without any delay. Our integrated order taking services to ensure that all such queries are converted into sales. We can also track the order placed by the online customer and inform them via chat if they enquire.